Lexus Pickup Concept, Price and Release Date

Luxury trucks are about to become a completely new segment of the car industry and Lexus Pickup Concept could be one of the pioneers. Many of us would expect to see a full-size luxury truck, it is more likely that the Pickup Concept will be a bit smaller.This particular model should be a mid-size pickup. This seems like a smart move since the market of full-size trucks is already dominated by North American manufacturers. Still, there is no official confirmation of the new truck, so take all these details with some reserve.Lexus Pickup Concept, Price and Release Date

Lexus Pickup Concept, Price And Release Date

Lexus Pickup Concept design predictions

As it was mentioned before, the new Lexus Pickup Concept will most likely be a mid-size truck. Expect that the new model from Lexus will borrow many details from these models. We are pretty sure that this concept will ride on the same architecture as Toyota Tacoma.

Truck for U.S. market

This truck is designed especially for the U.S. market, which will be also the primary market for Lexus Pickup Concept. We should see pretty much the same mechanics, including chassis, engines etc. On the other side, styling should be completely different.

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Lexus Pickup Concept, Price And Release Date

Lexus Pickup Concept styling

We didn’t see a vehicle of this type from Lexus so far, we can imagine some base styling details. On the other side, the front end should completely follow brand’s new design language.


When it comes to the interior design, it is important to mention that this will be a luxury truck. Lexus Pickup Concept will come with a full load of equipment, including various advanced safety systems.

Lexus Pickup Concept engine

Speaking of engines, we can presume that the Lexus Pickup Concept will use some Toyota’s proven units. There is a big chance to see Lexus Pickup Concept with a hybrid powertrain. Electrified cars and truck are certain future, so this move would seem natural.This manufacturer is one of the world’s leaders in hybrid technology, so the development of this powertrain shouldn’t be a big problem. Some combination of four-cylinder gasoline engine and the hi-output electric motor seems pretty logical.Lexus Pickup Concept, Price and Release Date

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Lexus Pickup Concept release date

At the moment, Lexus Pickup Concept is nothing more than a rumor. Still, it is quite possible to see a concept version already in the next year. Soon after, a production version should come.

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