2022 Tesla Model Y: Redesign, Price, and Specs

2022 Tesla Model Y: Redesign, Price, and Specs. The fifth model of the Californian electric carmaker is on the way and it is about to hit the marketplace in the third half of the year, as 2022 Tesla Model Y. Those are the latest reports about the crossover from Tesla. The company has huge expectations from this particular model, as it is expected that the new compact SUV will outsell all existing models combined.

2022 Tesla Model Y Interior

How likely is this to happen, it is hard to say. Still, we have no doubt that the new model will mark some pretty impressive sales numbers, considering that there is a lot of amazing things to come with it. Of course, many of them refer to things like range and acceleration. Still, there is much more to see, as the 2022 Tesla Model Y will be available with three rows of seats, which isn’t a common thing among compact crossovers.

2022 Tesla Model Y Specs and Performances

Certainly, the thing that interests us most is the aspect of the drivetrain and overall performances. Now, we don’t know the exact numbers in terms of power, but we know that the 2022 Tesla Model Y will come in four variants.

2022 Tesla Model Y Price

The base model will feature rear-wheel drive and one electric motor. We don’t know the max output, but already this version will be pretty fast, as 0-60 time is expected to go around 6.5 seconds. However, this version is expected to come last, not before 2022.

The Long Range version will come among firsts and it will also feature an RWD layout. However, it is expected to be slightly faster than the base model, with the 0-60 time in about 5.5 seconds. Still, the strongest point of this version will be the max range, which will walk around 315 miles, according to the latest reports.

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2022 Tesla Model Y Pictures

The Dual Motor will be next in the lineup. It will essentially feature the same battery pack as the Long Range version, though the max range will be slightly lower, due to the additional electric motors and much higher output. This version will be able to hit 60 in less than five seconds.

There is the Performance model, which will be able to hit 60 in about 3.5 seconds and have a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Count on a max range of 280 miles.

2022 Tesla Model Y Design

When it comes to base design characteristics, the 2022 Tesla Model Y will be a compact luxury crossover, smaller than the Model X. In order to be as affordable as possible, the new crossover will borrow many components from the firm’s entry-level Model 3 sedan. The two models will share many parts, including numerous drivetrain components.

In terms of the styling, the Model Y won’t go far away from the company’s current styling philosophy. The new model has been unveiled recently and what we can see is that the overall shape resembles Model X a lot. The overall shape is similar, just in a smaller package. Also, there is a familiar front end, which isn’t much different compared to the rest of the lineup. Still, there is one big difference compared to the Model X. As this crossover is designed to be affordable, it’s no wonder that it doesn’t included gull-wing doors as the bigger counterpart does. Such a design is quite expensive, so this move seems perfectly reasonable.

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2022 Tesla Model Y Interior

Since we are a website that puts focus on three-row crossovers, the first thing we should mention about the 2022 Tesla Model Y is that the three-row version will come is well. Naturally, base models will include just two rows of seats, while the third one will be reserved for higher trims. The addition of the third row will cost you additional 3.000 dollars. The exact numbers in terms of interior dimensions are still unavailable, but we may presume that the third row won’t be particularly spacious, as we are talking about a compact crossover.

From what we can see on the latest photos, it seems obvious that the 2022 Tesla Model Y interior will come in the company’s typical manner. This means a super-simplistic design approach, with a simple but elegant dashboard, which is highlighted by a huge 15-inch touchscreen, which replaces basically every physical control.

2022 Tesla Model Y Release Date and Price

All versions except the Standard model will hit the marketplace in the second half of the year. Among them, the Long Range will be the most affordable, with the starting price around 47.000 dollars. The Dual Motor AWD is expected to go around 51.000 dollars, while the Performance version should walk around 60.000 dollars.

The Standard model will hit the marketplace in 2022 and the base price should walk around 39.000 dollars.

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