2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Comeback: Redesign and Price

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Comeback: Redesign and Price. According to the recent rumors from the web, General Motors plans to release the first electric pickup! On top of that, it will probably wear the famous Hummer badge, thus it will be known as 2022 Hummer Pickup Truck. We all know a tragic story of a once trendy GM’s brand. The Hummer was discharged during the company bankruptcy restructuring. Back then, a lot of Hummer die-hard fans were troubled, but that was the right thing to do, and very reasonable move.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Exterior

The company shifted its focus from fuel-thirsty SUVs to more efficient and smaller vehicles. As the new decade approaching, things are very different from the time of GM’s bankruptcy restructuring. SUVs, pickups, crossovers are the main stars of the industry, with a significant fan base worldwide. So, the dominant company like General Motors must find a way to jump back in the game. The Detroit-based automaker preparing a hell of a comeback.

Hummer Pickup Truck – The GM’s First Electric Pickup

As we mentioned in the introduction paragraph, General Motors will develop the electric pickup shortly. Could it be 2022 Hummer Pickup Truck? The vice president of global forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions, Sam Fiorani, certainly thinks so. The recent report from the Detroit News referred to additional forecasting sources, which claims that General Motors are already working on an electric Cadillac and GMC Sierra.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Price

According to Fiorani, the all-electric pickup takeover will come with a new electric utility vehicle for an unconfirmed nameplate. We firmly believe that it will be a resurrected Hummer. Earlier this year, the automotive experts suggest that General Motors will add an enigmatic “M-brand” to the electric lineup. The release date of this mysterious utility vehicle is late 2022. Therefore, once again, we assume that it could be the Hummer. In any case, the future EVs will be built at the Detroit-Hamtramck factory, that’s 100% inevitable fact.

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What to Expect From 2022 Hummer Pickup?

The forthcoming 2022 Hummer Pickup Truck will be a low-volume model, probably before General Motors boost the production with the announced 2023 Hummer SUV. Expect to see an electric GMC pickup, and after that, Cadillac Escalade, both in six min six-month intervals. Also, keep in mind that he currently empty segment is getting slowly but surely filled. The Cadillac, GMC, and Hummer models, expect to see the Ford F-150, as well as the new electric Lincoln SUV.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Interior

Besides, new players like Rivian, StreetScooter, Bollinger, Atlis, and Hercules will attempt to raise to the top of the class. Not to mention the automakers that make electric crossovers and ones that convert existing cars into EVs. Here’s the truth– none of these companies comes with a consistent profit from producing and selling EVs. And do they quit? Hell no.

General Motors will invest even more money into a battery-electric platform that will carry their future cars. This platform is known as the BT1 platform, and it should be a combination of a unibody architecture and traditional body-on-frame construction. All in all, exciting times are in front of us. We must wait and see what will become of these rumors and predictions. One thing is sure– the world is ready for a new Hummer.

2022 Hummer Electric Truck vs Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F-150 Electric Pickup

This is a battle of future vehicles. Only Tesla stepped up with a kind of an electric pickup, but the Cybertruck is not something fans want. Well, we can not expect a hauler right from the start, since the electric technology is not gone so far. Most other companies, such as Ford and GM, are still within the speculations. No official announcements have been made and we can’t see moves towards production.

Well, Ford promised an electric truck, somewhere in the future. The Blue Oval company is investing a lot into electrification, but the pickup is not going to be ready any time soon. On the other hand, Elon Musk said the truck is the priority for his engineers. Now, when the GM entered the race, at least rumors mill, we could see the first products sooner.

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2022 Hummer Comeback

The company never gave up on the Hummer. The first official info about its comeback arrived late in 2019. Multiple sources confirmed that the company is thinking of its return. But, the public expected to see rugged SUV. And it will be, but this model is due for 2023. Before it comes as the SUV, the 2022 Hummer will appear as a truck concept with an electric drivetrain.


This will speed up the evolution of engines and soon we will see more and more models using this type of power. The abovementioned trucks, more companies are in the market. Something closest to the production is Rivian R1T with most specs already unveiled. The price of these vehicles is a stumbling block.

On the other hand, it is nice to see General Motors is ready to take on the challenge to class leaders in this segment. The company is slowing down and we are still waiting for hybrid drivetrains in the crossover and SUV class. Ford recently launched an electric Mach E model.

GM is also losing the pace in the truck market. Ram 1500 is now the biggest rival to the undisputed champion of the class, Ford F-150. Now, the electric pickup would increase the chances of bouncing back in all areas. Chevy Colorado is still one of the best mid-size models, but the new Ford Ranger is also now available in the US market.

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